With a recognizable personality and a style of their own, Anna Roig i L'ombre de ton chien have established themselves as a quality proposal characterized by the creation and performance of songs in catalan and french languages.

    This band of musicians from the catalan region of Penedès decided to update the french chanson adding their own language (both spoken and musical) to the recipe.

    The result of this original proposal is the three albums the band has released with great success in the past five years.

    Determined not to get married to a single style, they embrace eclecticism while keeping coherence due to the strong personality of Anna’s songwriting.

    • Anna Roig

      Anna, with her almighty voice, is capable of both making you smile or shiver. Author of the songs, she’s the voice that leads the group with serenity and simplicity. A single chance to see her on stage is enough to notice her talent.

    • Magí Batalla

      Magí is far from being just the guitar player. He’s the one to keep an ear on the songs and their arrangements to make the most out of them. He has produced, recorded and mixed each of the three studio albums of the band and is always looking after everything with great passion.

    • Carles Munts

      Carles Munts, besides being in charge of bass and double bass, is pure enthusiasm and excitement. He brings a touch of freshness and youth to the band with his sensitive and cheerful personality. He is in the heart of the machine, both musically and personally.

    • Carles Sanz

      Carles Sanz is like a great chef who knows how to use the right notes and harmonies so each of the songs can express itself in the best possible way. With a mixture of wisdom and sensitivity, he and his keyboards give the band a perfect balance.

    • Ricard Parera

      Ricard is always joking about drummers not being musicians. True or not, this assumption can’t be applied in his case. He is a master of his instrument and knows all its nuances, providing the right energy with delicious care, every time, every beat.

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    "Un pas i neu i un pas"

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